Where do our classes take place?

Our Monday and Wednesday classes take place at

John Wheatley Building,
Glasgow Kelvin College,
2 Haghill Road,
G31 3SR

John Wheatley Building

Class fees

Please pay the appropriate fee prior to the start of term.

Our preferred method of payment is electronic, using links in the enrolment form

either use Paypal  for Paypal or Credit Card

or Bank Transfer to

GFW Account: 10000769 Sort Code: 80 11 80

Membership Fees

Adult Class 1


7 classes per term from 7:30 to 9:15 with a half time break

Additional Class 2


Class 2 fees are for the same person learning more than one instrument in the same term. e.g. Monday Whistle, Wednesday Fiddle

Concession Class 1


Concession fee applies to those in receipt of state pension: students on a recognised full-time education course: and those in receipt of certain state benefits such as Jobseeker’s allowance or Disability Living allowance.

Additional Concession 2


Concession 2 fee, if you qualify for a concession, and take 2 classes in the same term e.g. Monday Whistle, Wednesday Fiddle

Junior Term


Wednesday early evening 1 hour classes – 615-715pm

Member Only


Remain a GFW Member although not currently taking a class

Download Term Dates

Register & Enrol Online
Create your unique GFW ID

Click on the links below to complete Adult or Junior Registration (new members) & Enrolment online.

These forms are simple to use, with details sent directly to GFW office and copied to your email. They also provide a unique GFW ID reference for your payment, to simplify matching payments with enrolments.

Once you have your unique GFW ID, you don’t need to complete a Registration form again (unless your personal details change).

For next term just use your unique GFW ID as reference with your next Enrolment & payment.

GFW at Kelvingrove 2015

Downloadable enrolment form
Use if not using online forms

Please use Surname and Instrument as Online Banking payment reference, then email gfwoffice@gfw.scot to say you have paid.

When filling in your form, please pay particular attention to the Gift Aid section. As a charity, GFW can reclaim 25 pence for every £1 of your membership fee, if you are a basic rate tax-payer. Tax paid includes tax on pensions, State pension, savings and Capital Gains Tax. It can make a difference > £1500 to GFW every year.

Term Dates


Term 1

129 August31 August1
205 September07 September2
3 12 September14 September3
419 September21 September4
26 Sept No Classes – Sept WkdNo Classes
503 October05 October5
610 October12 October6
17 Oct No Classes – School HolsNo Classes
724 October 26 October7

Term 2

131 October 02 November1
207 November09 November2
314 November16 November3
4 21 November23 November4
528 November 30 November5
6 05 December07 December6
7 12 December 14 December7

Term Dates


Term 3

113 February 15 February 1
220 February 22 February 2
3 27 February01 March3
4 06 March 08 March4
5 13 March 15 March5
620 March 22 March6
727 March29 March7

Term 4

117 April 19 April1
2 24 April 26 April2
01 May No Classes Bank HolNo Classes
308 May - Classes as Normal 10 May3
415 May17 May4
522 May 24 May5
29 May No Classes Bank Hol No Classes
605 June07 June6
7 12 June14 June7

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John Wheatley Building
2 Haghill Road
G31 3SR

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