Here’s what some of our members think of GFW

“Katherine McLeod, who teaches whistle at GFW and plays the flute equally divinely was an inspiration and through her I began to regain that old confidence. Within six weeks or so I was playing things I could never have dreamed of before. And I was becoming familiar with the musical notation, which though I played easiest by ear, turned out to be a bit of an advantage.

The classes and the good nature of all the people at the workshop have become really important to me and being involved with it is part of my life now. The springing of new interests, far and away beyond what I did in the past, has been an inspiration and is driving me on to consider gigging again at last! The moment when I felt brave enough to put a whistle to my lips at the Islay Inn was the first step towards being a serious player again!”  Read More of this Member Experience…..

“In the violin shop in Glasgow, a small scruffy note announced GFW. That began an ongoing love affair with traditional music, even in the face of years going infrequently, not  practising much, struggling with memory and never learning even one tune. My excuse is that life otherwise had me by he coat tails. Now it is very different”  Read More of this Member Experience…..

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