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New - Viola Classes starting February 17th

Following the popularity of both our Cello and C-String workshops at Celtic Connections, with 74 individuals attending acroos both workshops, we now have sufficient interest to start a dedicated Viola class on Wednesday.

The Cello class continues as normal on Monday

If you are new to GFW, enrol online here - Adult Enrolment Form - and choose Wednesday Class VLA - Viola. This will register you and send you your unique GFWID for payment.

If you already have a GFWID, then email Donald at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and ask him to enrol you on the VLA - Viola class.

Viola Class Description

The viola class will cover; tunes (from a range of folk traditions), techniques for adapting tunes to the viola, creating harmonies/counter melodies, ornaments, bowing, chords and rhythm. The class level will be intermediate to advanced but with easier lines available to those who wish to work at a slower pace. Material will be taught by ear with sheet music (alto & treble clef) and audio recordings available after each class. 5 string fiddles are welcome to join although we won’t be using the E string!

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