WHERE:  Glasgow Kelvin College, John Wheatley Building, 2 Haghill Road, Glasgow, G31 3SR. Click here for map. 

WHEN: Monday 7.30pm - 9.30pm     CLASSROOM:  ONLINE

LEVELS: Beginner /  Improver / Intermediate

TUTORS: Owen Sinclair (Beginner) / Nigel Gatherer (Improver) / Laura-Beth Salter Intermediate

INSTRUMENT HIRE: See Instrument Hire page.


GFW Playing Together – Monday Slow Session

Picture coming soon. 

MD1 - Beginners - with Owen Sinclair

This class is for people with little or no experience of playing Mandolin

You are picking up a Mandolin for the first time and are wishing to start from the very beginning with the basic techniques. Or perhaps you've been playing for a little while but want to focus on proper technique.



 MD2 - Improvers - with Nigel Gatherer

This class is for people who can already play simple tunes on Mandolin and are looking to improve their skills and repertoire

You've done the basics and can play some simple tunes on the Mandolin. You're now ready to further your technique and repertoire and explore the world of music. Or you've completed a Beginners class, but you're not quite ready to progress to the full Intermediate level.

Nigel's Mandolin Pages

LauraBeth 1

 MD3 - Intermediate - with Laura-Beth Salter

This class is for people who have played the mandolin already and are familiar with first position notes and/or tablature and can already play a good few tunes

You will focus on :-

Building confidence in melody playing

Learning by ear (sheet music/tab available). Practice tracks will be made available to encourage this.

Expanding technique through learning a new tune every week, each with its own technical focus  e.g speed training, swing, triplets, hammer-ons, slides, double stops.

expanding chord and rhythm knowledge

plectrum technique

broadening repertoire with tunes from a mixture of backgrounds

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