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GFW Annual General Meeting

The GFW Annual General Meeting (AGM) took place on Monday, 22 June 2020. The meeting was held online given the current situation with COVID-19.

Relevant documents for the AGM below. 

Monday Slow Session still going!

Nigel will keep running the Monday Slow Session online using Zoom.

Monday, 6.45-7.25pm. Check his website for more information on how to join:


The Wednesday warm-up session is also alive!

Finlay will also keep this session running using Zoom.

Wednesday, 6.45-7.25pm. Check his website for more information on how to join:


WEEKLY Virtual Very Slow Session / Slow Jam

Missing the Very Slow Session? The Slow Jam? Due to public demand Finlay will be running these sessions WEEKLY. From 7.00-7.30pm  we will be revising a VERY SLOW tune.  From 7.30-9.00pm we will run the whole repertoire (VSS/SJ) at a much brisker pace

  • 7.00-7.30 Revise a tune (email Finlay with suggestions)
  • 7.30-8.00 VSS  (slow)
  • 8.00-9.00 SJ  (a bit faster)
  • At  around 8.15 there will be a short break and then we'll continue till about 9.00pm

Click the link. Come on. What else are you doing? Watching the telly?

 All welcome to join in - click here to come through to Finlay's website 

The Lockdown Sessions

Calling All Fiddlers (Improvers to Intermediate Level)

For the next 5 weeks (Wednesday 8th-29th July) Finlay will be offering a block of lessons called ‘The Lockdown Sessions’

These lessons will be from 7.30 - 8.30pm using the Zoom online platform.

These will be an introduction to new sets to be added to the Slow Jam (GFW Session Tunes)

These sets will be three tunes to be played as a listening set, slow, medium and fast.  You will get the chance to

  • learn some new and interesting tunes
  • try different keys
  • link different types of tune (air, march, strathspey, jig, reel etc)
  • practise transitions

These sets will become a part of the regular repertoire of the Slow Jam so there will always be a place to play these sets together.

Cost £25.00

(nb. if you are unfamiliar with Zoom, contact Finlay for a chat about trying this out- email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)


Ukulele YouTube channel with new video every week from The Fiveys, Steve and Suzanne:

Tutors offering online tuition

During these difficult times, some of our tutors are offering group or private online lessons. You can find a list below. It'll be updated as we receive information from the tutors. Please, contact them directly for more information.

 Tutor Instrument Contact Details
Amy Allison GFW Beginner Fiddle
GFW Ukulele
 amyallison98 AT
Finlay Allison Fiddle
Fiona Cuthill Beginner Fiddle lessons on YouTube
Jenn Butterworth Guitar tutorials and videos on Patreon -
Laura-Beth Salter Mandolin
Martin O'Neill Bodhrán
Nigel Gatherer Mandolin
Rua MacMillan Fiddle
Sarah Alexander GFW Beginner Accordion
GFW Intermediate Accordion
sarah1995alexander AT
Seán Gray GFW Beginner Guitar
GFW Mixed Instrument
seangrayfluteguitar AT

Trish Strain

GFW Cello
GFW Fiddle

patricia.strain AT 

The Fiveys-Steve and Suzanne  

Ukulele YouTube Channel

Accordion - Beginners
Tutor: Alan Shute
Fiddle - Beginners 2
Tutor: Bernadette Kellerman
5-String Banjo
Tutor: Garry McFadden
Guitar - Beginners
Tutor: Seán Gray
Ukulele 6
Tutor: Finlay Allison
Mandolin - Improvers
Tutor: Nigel Gatherer
Fiddle - Intermediate 3
Tutor: Dan Thorpe
Accordion - Absolute Beginners
Tutor: Sarah Alexander
Guitar - Improvers
Tutor: Mike Bryan
Fiddle - Absolute Beginners
Tutors: Sandy Forbes & Sally Simpson
Mixed Instrument II
Tutor: Seán Gray / Celine Donoghue
Ukulele 5
Tutor: Ian Murray
Fiddle - Technique
Tutor: Douglas Lawrence
Tutor: Hannah Rarity
Whistle - Beginners
Tutor: Sarah Markey
Fiddle - Improvers 3
Tutor: Trish Strain
Accordion - Intermediate
Tutor: John Carmichael
Tenor Banjo
Tutor: Celine Donoghue
Guitar - Improvers 2
Tutor: John Newman
Fiddle - Intermediate 2
Tutor: Emma Tomlinson
Mandolin - Intermediate
Tutor: Laura-Beth Salter
Ukulele 2
Tutor: Steve Fivey
Mixed Instrument I
Tutor: Katherine Macleod / Sarah Markey
Accordion - Wednesday Group
Tutor: Sarah Alexander
Fiddle - Beginners 1
Tutor: Fiona Cuthill
Guitar - Intermediate
Tutor: Jenn Butterworth
Whistle - Improvers
Tutor: Katherine Macleod
5-String Banjo - Wednesday Group
Tutor: Garry McFadden
Tutor: Martin O'Neill
Fiddle: Improvers 2
Tutor: Jamie Smith

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