WHERE:  John Wheatley College  + 2 Online classes

WHEN: Wednesday 7.30pm - 9.00pm Online, 7:30pm-9:15pm In College           

INSTRUMENT HIRE: We have a selection of Fiddles available for hire


GFW Playing Together – Wednesday Warm Up

Which Class?

We have adjusted our Fiddle classes, split by skill levels to offer an Online option if you can't make it to college.

Don’t overthink it. Glance down the bullet points on the class descriptions and try and gauge which level seems to fit with where you’d like to be in 12-18 months.

Which Tutor?

Student numbers is the key factor in hiring tutors.  We are mostly face to face classes in College this term and keeping some online for those who can't attend in person. We can say for certain that you will get one of Scotland’s top tutors, but we may have to juggle classes due to room occupancy limits.




FAB  Absolute Beginners

Finlay Allsion


Absolute Beginners

This class is for people who have never played the fiddle before.

  • tuning your fiddle
  • holding your fiddle & bow correctly
  • bowing the strings
  • fingering & naming notes
  • learning by ear
  • learning simple tunes

FI1 Improvers 1

Jame Smith


Beginners Level

This level is for those who have completed Absolute Beginner level, know how to hold a fiddle and play a tune or two hesitantly and are ready to learn playing more tunes and continue improving

 Improvers Level

We have 2 tutors teaching this beginners to improvers level, as numbers in college are limited to classroom occupancy rules

Students should find the class which suits their skill level in the first couple of weeks of term.


  • playing simple tunes by ear
  • learning simple scales and arpeggios
  • playing a range of different time signatures
  • enjoying an introduction to traditional music styles e.g waltzes, reels, marches, jigs, hornpipes, strathspeys etc.
  • practising simple bowing techniques (eg string crossing)
  • increasing knowledge of traditional music
  • learning/practising simple ornamentations

FI2 Improvers 2

Rua Macmillan


FI3 Improvers 3

Trish Strain




Sandie Forbes


Beginners & Improvers Level - ONLINE

For anyone who would like to attend FI1,2,3 but can't make it to college, this is your online option


FP1 Progression 1

Ron Jappy


Progression Level 1

For those who are confident with fiddle and bow and able to play a few simple tunes at a slow pace. Able to learn comfortably by ear and play fluently with simple bowing and good tuning and tone.

Progression Level 2 & 3

For those who feel comfortable with their Fiddle and can play a number of tunes with confidence, in tune, with fluent bowing style. Working at playing tunes at a faster pace with more stamina.

We have 2 tutors teaching progression level, as numbers in college are limited to classroom occupancy rules

Students should find the class which suits their skill level in the first couple of weeks of term.

  • Playing fiddle more competently
  • Improving tone
  • Increasing your repertoire of tune styles
  • Learning sets of simple tunes
  • Improving your technical skills / ornamentation
  • Revising scales / arpeggios
  • Playing more complex tunes
  • Improving fluency


FP2 Progression 2

Ryan Young


 FP3 Progression 3

Graham Mackenzie



Gillian Frame


Fiddle Progression - Online

For anyone who would like to attend FP1,2,3 but can't make it to college, this is your online option

FTA - Tech / Advanced

Adam Sutherland


Fiddle Technique / Advanced

For very experienced fiddle players

We have not run an advanced class since 2020, and are very pleased to have Adam Sutherland on board for this new term.

  • Playing confidently by ear
  • Playing sets of tunes at appropriate speed
  • Some music reading skills
  • Playing in different keys
  • Understanding different traditional styles of playing
  • 'Scotch' snap / Grace Notes
  • Playing complex sets. changing key & tempo
  • More unusual key signatures
  • Musical invention and composition
  • Playing together / harmonies
  • Playing triplets / chords /drones
  • Playing offbeats and onbeats
  • 1 or 2 tunes per week


It is not expected that students will automatically move up a class level each year/term. Students should remain in the same class until they feel ready to move up to the next level.  Speak to either your own tutor or a Senior Tutor for advice on which level would suit you best. We ask that Students refrain from moving class after week 3 of term to minimise disruption to other learners.


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